Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's here, kind of...

We have been enjoying some nice days on and off. Everyone is very ready for summer! Reagan and Claire have been to the park near our house twice in the past week. We do the swings, slides (holding their hands of course) and with Daddy around we were able to do the teeter totter. Reagan is especially fond of the swings, so much so that he cries when we leave. Awww, so sad!

Of course, being that winter is almost over, we had to get one more cold! R & C woke up this morning with snotty faces and have been generally whiney. Claire has been especially clingy to Mommy. I guess this is my punishment for having a girls night out?

Reagan and Mommy ride the teeter totter.
This is fun!
Pretty girl!
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The VWs said...

Love, love, love the swing pictures! They're getting so big! Crew and I will join you at the park soon. The weather is supposed to be wonderful next week!