Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feels like summer...

It's been H-O-T this past week. To cool off I've been putting the sprinkler on in the backyard for the kids. More than anything it just makes me thankful for air conditioning!

Claire is turning into a bonafide two year old. She's thrown some tantrums in the past but on Saturday at PBS in the park she threw the mother of all tantrums. It was no longer our turn to ride the train, Reagan was sad- Claire was mad! She threw herself on the cement (in 85 degree weather no less) and preceded to scream and kick. Quite embarassing for Mom considering this day draws a crowd of around 40,000 people. I would normally ignore her but I had to get her out of the way so I picked her up and carried her off while she screamed and kicked me. Where did this child come from, what did I do to deserve this???? Ugh. She is going to give Mommy grey hairs before you know it, of course I dye my hair so YOU will never know that.

Here is sweet lovable, cudable Claire

Here is a pic of Reagan eating strawberries from Locally Grown Gardens, it's just around the corner from our house and no, he could not wait for me to wash them.

Daddy and R & C on the train pre Claire meltdown.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're Moving...

Don't get too excited! We're just moving the blog. Starting next week I'll be posting on the new blog...

See you there!
Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


It was a long day. We are so done with rain! The kids are getting used to being out and about everyday and it's been a slow week. We are looking forward to having reinforcements this weekend! AKA- Grandparents!

This is the new wagon we just got, it provided about ten minutes of fun...

Here is a pic from the end of the day, need I say more?

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Here are some pictures of Reagan and Claire's speech therapy appointment this week. They absolutely love their speech therapist, Miss Allie! Reagan is getting to the point where he is pretty much caught up with his peers- too many words to count, three and four words phrases and you can understand almost all of it. Claire is getting close too but again, she doesn't have as good an attention span so it's hard to tell! I know she likes to talk, we just don't always understand it!

In speech Miss Allie works on getting them to repeat phrases, use sign language, work on building up the muscles in their mouths and much much more! In these pics they are playing with the Mr. Potato head board, Claire LOVES Mr. Tato!

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Getting Big!

Here is Caroline this past week...

Here is Caroline at 1 week...

See the difference?

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Yet Another Trip to the Children's Museum...

Maybe people are getting sick of all the posts of us at the CM but sorry, we're not. In fact everytime we go it's more fun, Reagan and Claire are understanding and interacting with all the exhibits and it's fun to watch! This particular trip we ended up having to split up, we could NOT get Reagan to leave the trains and Claire was done, she does not have his attention span or love of trains! Daddy took Claire upstairs while I stayed back with Reagan and Caroline.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

C is for Caroline...

Some pics I took of the littlest one while Reagan and Claire were napping.

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Hail Storm #2

While we were in Detroit on Saturday there was a hail storm in Indy, we missed it... So apparently we needed to have another one on Tuesday around 5 pm. Reagan and Claire thought it was pretty neat, they were watching from the sun room until I decided maybe standing in a room full of windows when balls of ice were barreling down from the sky wasn't the best idea. We were okay but several houses on the northside of town did have some damage. We just need to clean out the gutters now.

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Strawberry picking

We went strawberry picking with our multiples club today. It was fun but a little exhausting for me. Keeping track of two two year olds while having a 16 pound baby strapped to you can be like that. It was worth it though, they both really liked picking the berries and putting them in our box. Of course they didn't get out of there with out trying a couple first either. Reagan even liked trying the whole strawberry, leaves included...ew.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

And Action...

The kids played outside this morning, well Reagan and Claire played and Caroline soaked in a little vitamin d(only for a few minutes). We even did speech Therapy outside. The are both really catching up in speech. Reagan can ask for all kids favorite foods-strawberries, pancakes, grapes and Claire says "Mine" (I knew it was coming).

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